German Shepherd dog, date of birth 06.03.2015. Health tested. Villa is  DNA Clear and Hip/Elbow scored A under Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Villa is fast, bold, confident, agile. Her recovery is amazing and her civil protection is top marks. She is serious female and very mature for her age. Great switch ON and OFF. Full bite with crashing grips. Puppies from Villa will be suitable for any work required.  

Pedigree below:

Reinhund TED

German Shepherd dog from working lineage with pedigree papers. DOB 5th of July 2017. Kennel Club registered.

Very driven, fast and agile dog. Posses high guarding /territorial instinct . Strong bite work and defence drive. Possesses natural suspicion. Picked up tracking and obedience very naturally, loves working for his handler.  


Haemophilia clear

Reinhund INKA

Warra zo Severnej Hranice

German Shepherd dog, female, titled SVV1. DOB 18.08.2017

Health tested, Hips/Elbows A under FCI, DNA clear, DM clear. Bold, confident, fast and driven, settled in new environment on the day of arrival.